"I hate when people say “You don’t need him,” because they are right I don’t need him, but I want him more than anything and that is infinitely worst."

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I think about kissing you and my heart beats so fucking fast.

I do wish I had gotten to know you better before I left though.



I’m stuck between wanting:

1. A long lasting relationship with my soulmate who supports me and protects me and is my partner and we are completely bad ass together and in love

2. Wanting to have casual sex and rip out the heart of everyone person I meet

3. Being independent and having a loyal dog while I’m married to my career

It scares me how accurate this is.

I’m starting to realize that the only things that kept me in Georgia were my family, cat and school. There’s a big world out there, guys. Maybe I should explore after I graduate.


"this reminded me of you" is the cutest thing. like i dont care if its a song or a photo or a youtube video i will be excited


Current status: not being kissed or riding a dragon this is unacceptable


*Wants boy attention*
*two boys text me*
Me: “what the hell do they want…”


be an atheist, be a christian, be buddhist, be straight, be gay, be cisgender, be transgender, be non-binary, be carnivore, be vegan, be whatever the hell you want to be but don’t be an asshole is this so hard to understand